How Does Coaching differ from Psychotherapy?

Shifts in life are inevitable. The universe was created to change. From the tides that stir our oceans to the ground beneath our feet, everything around us was designed to move. However, often we become imbedded in a way of life through limiting beliefs that anchor us down.  Before you know it, the birth of a child, a job opportunity or a change in perspective comes along and your resistance to it makes you more aware of the anchor.   Coaching is the process of defining what areas of your life you feel anchored down or stuck in, and how to take behavioral steps towards change and improved performance.
Making the decision to make change in your life is both noble and challenging. To make a statement that you want to design your life instead of reacting to events is to take a huge step towards happiness.  A Life Coach helps you design your future rather than recover from your past. In a structured process, coaching focuses you on achieving change and learning the important lesson that whatever you put our focus on defines your experience.
Practicing disciplined conscious awareness, clients are urged to notice where they have been habitually putting their energy, and are taught how to “loosen from the anchor” so change can occur.
Coaching focuses on possibilities, to create a compelling vision for your future life based on self-acceptance and responsibility. Rather than focusing on general insight, the past,  giving a medical diagnosis, or personality change,  coaching shows you how to define yourself in the present as patterns of where you put your energy in your thoughts, emotions and behavior.
A Coach then provides someone for you to be accountable to while you pursue changing these patterns. Unlike therapy, coaching emphasizes changing your performance vs. healing or increasing awareness. Motivating you with multiple strategies to foster change and remain consistent in your effort, your coach will be your cheerleader, your guide and your support while you adjust  your daily behaviors that prevent change.
It may be confusing for you to determine if you need coaching or psychotherapy.  Our Coaches are the experts at making this decision, so contact us to find out if coaching is right for you.

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