We are open to adding a small number of additional psychiatrists or psychologists to our practice who are committed to the study and treatment of affective illness. Interested clinicians should either have a preexisting expertise/competence in this area or a willingness to achieve such over time.

As reflected elsewhere on this site, we each have a strong background in psychodynamic psychiatry and psychotherapy and believe that this is a necessary component to quality treatment of individuals with chronic mood disorders.

In addition, we are an academically-oriented practice: we are each involved in residency education, professional presentations, and serious practice-based learning on affective disorders.

Interested candidates can send their CV’s to info@seattlepsychiatry.com

Our Work

Several of us are engaged in clinical research. Therefore, applicants should have a background and interest in each of these three areas: affective disorders, psychodynamic psychotherapy and academic/scholarly development.